Lammi Biological Station | University of Helsinki

Pääjärventie 320
16900 Lammi, Finland

Ar­riv­ing by car

Lammi Biological Station (LBS) is 4 km from the centre of Lammi and 2 km from Highway 12.  A route from the highway to LBS is indicated by the road sign “Biologinen asema 2″.

Pub­lic trans­port­a­tion

When coming from Helsinki by public transport, it is usually best to come by bus or train to Lahti or Hämeenlinna, and continue by bus to Lammi.

  • Train time tables

  • Bus time tables 

  • Lammi Kirkkokallio stop and express buses that stop at Lammi linja-autoasema

  • Local Bus time tables

    Local buses that stop at Lammi linja-autoasema and Pääjärventie. Try this link for local buses running between Lahti train/bus station (matkakeskus) and Lammi.

There are three possible bus stops to get off at when coming to Lammi:

  • ‘Biologinen asema th (Hämeenlinna)’ also known as ‘Pääjärventie L and I’ is at the intersection of Highway 12 and Pääjärventie, and is 2 km the Station.
  • Lammi Kirkkokallio (Hämeenlinna) is about 3 km from the Station on highway 12. This stop is often the best option when coming on the weekend.
  • Lammi linja-autoasema (Hämeenlinna) is in the center of Lammi and is about 4 km from the Station.