Correlation in Topological Quantum matter

The topological excitations in quantum matter provide a rich avenue for the development of quantum technologies. Here the layered van der Waals quantum material can be arranged in lateral and vertical structures. The material response is not only defined by the properties of the building blocks but also arises from the quantum-mechanical interaction between them. Thus, it provides a designer platform for engineered topological excitation with desired properties, which is not possible with conventional materials. The emergent topological phases which include unconventional superconductors, quantum spin-liquids, fractional quantum Hall states, and many more provide the plentiful platform for non-Abelian quantum excitations, the key to topological quantum information processing.

This school is a follow-up to the conference on Emergent Topological Superconductivity-TOPOSUPER2021. The school will extend over 5 days (6th -10th September) covering fundamental aspects of correlation phenomena in topological quantum matter. Additionally, the school will also bring technological aspects of topological excitations. The lectures and tutorials with a pedagogical approach covering an overview and recent experimental and theoretical results will prepare the new generation for emergent phenomena in topological quantum matter

The subjects covered in the workshop are:

  • Topological superconductivity
  • Twistronics
  • Atomically designer quantum matter
  • Open quantum system
  • ¬†Fractional quantum Hall states
  • ¬†Fluctuations and noise